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Kveso is an application for scanning of passport & visa of the guests at the hotel and thereby automatically updates the client details as per requirement, it helps a hotel to save precious time during guest check-in & when the C form has to be uploaded, it helps enable hotels to reduce paper waste in photocopying passport & visa with man hours lost while typing them.

We at NWDCo Solutions Private Limited respect and protect the privacy of individuals from all official websites and user communities that are related toKveso. These Kveso Privacy Policy (hereinafter, this "Privacy Policy") provides that, without obtaining your prior consent, we will not intentionally disclose any contents that relate to your personal privacy to any third party unless otherwise stipulated herein:

What Information we Collect?

  • We Do Not Collect Personal Information
    Personal Information includes your geographical location information, name, address, email, telephone number, fax number, the information you stored on your device, and the information to identify you or other individuals when you use applications, services or websites.

  • Non-Personal Information
    When users interact with our application, we may collect non-personal-identity information associated with the user. Non-personal-identity information may include your phone’s model, version of Android and other similar information.

    • Session and Available Data - "Session and Available Data" refers to data information relevant to connections and services that you provide to us when you use an application, service or website, including but not limited to, when you use our applications, services. Session and Available Data includes information related to connection request, server communication and data sharing, including network testing, quality of service, date, time, and place / location. Gathering of information as described below, we may also gather Session and Available Data. Please note that Session and Available Data does not include any personal information, nor does it include any content that you might use applications (such as photo, contact, calendar, etc.), services, or website to send or share.

    • Access to your Camera - Kveso uses the camera from your phone to scan the QR code from the accounts for establishing the link to the two-verification procedure of the account.

    • Personal Data - We do not share personal or sensitive user data with anyone.

    • Data Processing - access to data of a personal nature contained in the files owned by the Client shall be for the sole and exclusive purpose of allowing NWDCo Software Solutions LLP to manifest the data into the C-Form.

How do we use Collected Information?

  • Personal Information
    Since we do not collect Personal Information, we will not use your Personal Information in any way.

  • Non-Personal Information
    We may use Non-Personal Information for the following purposes:
    We may use the non-personal information provided by you to enhance your experience in using the application.

The Possibility of Personal Information Being Disclosed

  • Personal Information
    We do not store Personal Information, so your Personal Information cannot be disclosed by us.

  • Non-Personal Information
    We will not match non-personal information and personal information (such as numbering your name and your user-specific device).


NWDCo Software Solutions LLP has taken the necessary measures to maintain the highest security level, based on the nature of the personal data processed and the circumstances of such processing, with the aim of avoiding, to the extent possible and always in accordance with the current state of the art, the unauthorized alteration, loss, processing of, or access to such data. In addition, NWDCo Software Solutions LLP guarantees that it has implemented necessary measures to:

  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resiliency of its data processing systems and services.

  • Rapidly restore the availability of and access to personal data in the event of a physical or technical incident.

  • Regularly verify, evaluate, and assess the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures implemented to ensure secure data processing.

NWDCo Solutions Private Limited is concerned about keeping all your information confidential. We do not collect Personal Information unless and until it has been specifically mentioned and prior permission has been obtained from you, and we have adopted effective measures to protect your Non-Personal Information, so that such information will not be accessed and used without authorization.

Contact Us / Report Violation

If you have any questions or suggestions with respect to this Privacy Policy or our privacy system, or if you want to report any violations of this Privacy Policy or abuse of the application, service or website, please contact us at:

Amendment of This Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to handle, amend, modify or otherwise change this Privacy Policy at any time and at our sole discretion, and if you do not agree to any amendment or modification of this Privacy Policy, you may stop using all of relevant applications, services and websites. Please note that our employees or agents have no right to change any of our policies.

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